IP Theft, Abuse of Payment Systems and High-Risk Banking

About the presentation

International asset recovery lawyer Martin Kenney gives us an insight into his world, pursuing fraudsters, thieves and money launderers across the globe. Ultimately, lawbreakers face a paradox. To protect their illegal proceeds, they need to rely on legal mechanisms and jurisdictions with a strong rule of law. This is when Martin and his team swing into action. Learn how they track, trace, freeze and recover assets, wherever criminals try to hide them.

If you’ve been the victim of an intellectual property theft, a Ponzi scheme or payment system fraud, it's possible to seek redress. But if you’re a criminal, don’t think that you’re beyond the reach of the law. Don’t think that you can evade detection by utilising shell companies, trusts and hidden bank accounts. Criminals can run but can’t necessarily hide, as Martin explains with real-life case studies concerning IP theft, abuse of payment systems and high-risk banking.

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