Fraud Trends

Risky Business: What You Need to Know about Deceptive Marketing

About the presentation

Each year, consumers lose billions of dollars as a result of deceptive marketing and false ads. These run the gamut from blatant lies and fraudulent scams to subtle ploys intended to confuse and mislead. Not only do these tactics impact consumers, but a mind-boggling amount of money is misdirected in the economy as a result of deceptive marketing. All too often, companies with quality goods and services lose out to businesses premised on false marketing. Truth in Advertising (, which is dedicated to empowering consumers to protect themselves and one another against false and deceptive marketing, is working to change this paradigm. At this year’s RiskConnect Virtual,’s executive director, Bonnie Patten will discuss current deceptive marketing trends that impact consumers and have the potential to expose the payment processor industry to clawbacks, fines and reputational harm.

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